Caring for olive wood, olive wood treatment, olive wood care

Caring For Olive Wood

What is the best way to care for Olive Wood?

Olive Wood is a dense, hard wood that resists stains and odours, is hard wearing and has its own natural antibacterial properties. With very little care your olive wood products will last a lifetime.

Washing Olive Wood

DO NOT EVER put your olive wood utensils into the dishwasher or leave them soaking in water. A simple, quick wash in hand-hot water with a gentle detergent, followed by a rinse in warm, clean water, is all they will ever need.

Drying Olive Wood

Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth or they can be left to drain and dry naturally at room temperature. If you choose to leave them to dry you will need to oil them more often than if you dry them straight away with a cloth.

Oiling Olive Wood

With normal use your olive wood utensils will need oiling at least once a month, or, once a week if you use them more frequently. Olive oil is one of the best and easiest things to oil your items with. Using either a lint-free cloth or soft kitchen towel, gently rub olive oil over the whole surface of your utensil. Use circular movements and make sure you cover the whole of the item from top to bottom. When you have finished applying the oil remove any excess with either the same cloth, or another one, and then store the item in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight or heat.

Olive Wood Jewellery

Under normal circumstances you will not need to wash your olive wood jewellery. Instead, with a slightly damp cloth, or damp chamois leather, give it a gentle wipe and then follow the instructions for oiling as above. Depending on how often you wear the jewellery you will probably only need to oil it about two or three times a year. Items made from ancient olive wood of this quality are something to be treasured for life. By following the simple steps above your precious olive wood items will stay beautiful forever.

Caring for olive wood, olive wood treatment, olive wood care